Showing Video-output on another pi for tabletop games

Hello guys,

my openHAB is running smoothly. But at the moment i am wasting my time on another project.

Project: Beamer, which projects animated board-game-maps on a table, so a big group can play on a big board-game, like monopoly.

The projecting files are either .gif or .mp4

I want to realize this with a raspberry, connected to the beamer. And i want a button in my HABPanel that says “Monopoly” and when i press it a rule should get triggered and the monopoly.gif/.mp4 should be shown in the display output (beamer)

I do know how to set up the rules. But i have no clue, which system, which addon, etc. i should use to tell the other raspberry to show/output the monopoly file.

Does anyone of you can tell me, how to remotely show a video/gif on another pi using openHAB?


Sounds like you want to control a remote pi running as a Kiosk?

This does sound like a good idea. Is there maybe an easier way?

I am looking forward to have more than one game to play on that table. And as far as i understand, i need to make a webpage where i insert the .mp4/.gif.

I am way too dumb to create a html page.

In that case I suspect this project is way above your skill level. You need a local friend to assist.

You do not necessarily need to create a full html page. Locally stored files are also displayed in a web browser when you enter their location in the URL bar like:

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Is it possible to send the link to the remote kiosk websystem via openhab?

To start the browser with a specific URL you need to run

firefox file:///home/youruser/yourdirectory/yourpicture.gif

To open it on the remote desktop you would have to ssh into the remote desktop with the user that owns the desktop ( X apps from other users can be displayed if the owner allows that ).
To allow other users to open X apps this can be done either by using a X-cookie. To let all open X apps the owner needs to run

xhost +

From OH you would have to run a command sequence like:

ssh ownerofdesktop@kioskhost "export DISPLAY :0.0; firefox file:///home/youruser/yourdirectory/yourpicture.gif &"

The above would have to be executed via ExecuteCommandLine.

This is not explicitly tested; should work but might require fine tuning.
I would advice that you first do trials on the command line before adding a/the command(s) to a rule.