Shut off electrical outlet if door open

I have been looking for a solution and have struggled with how to do this.

I want to be able to have an electrical outlet shut off when my door is open for more than 60 seconds and then turn the electrical outlet back on when the door is closed.

Is this possible with OpenHAB?

Yes. You’ll need some means of sensing when the door opens or closes, and some way of turning the socket on and off. Then you build a rule with a timer in openHAB.

By means a zigbee door sensor and a zigbee electric outlet. That will work? I have never used openjab before so will it require programming knowledge or is it using a GUI to create the rules and timer?

Okay, openHAB can work with zigbee things. In the first case, you could install openHAB, sort out zigbee settings, and get your devices displaying on, and controlled from, a user screen.

Then you can add a rule. There are more than one possible rule systems - the text file based DSL rules carried over from openHAB-1 will have the most examples. The GUI based NGRE is less well developed and documented, but capable of doing your simple task.

Ok great I like simple. Thanks

umm, not simple overall … but take simple steps.