Shutter Direction


I am trying to find out in which direction my shutters are currently moving. Unfortunately, my actuator only returns the position.
Has anyone ever written ah Rule about this. My idea would be to compare the position with the last one and then output it in one of three states stop/up/down.
I have an Openhab3 on Raspberry4

Thanks for your help

I think you could solve this with a virtual item e.g. “shuttermovement” and compare with last state in a simple rule.

You did not mention which actuator you have.
Mine sends also Watt used and there is a significant difference in moving up or down.
Maybe your device sending this also?
In my opinion this would be a much easier approach for a status which lasts just a minute or lesser.



Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately, my BMS MCU-09 actuator does not output a power signal. This would be much easier. Unfortunately, I only have the height to see a movement.
I will try to write a script for this.