Shutter speeds?

I am going to install roller shutters… they come with motors. 230V up/down.
How fast are these? Any ideas? cm/sec?
The roller shutter brand is Schlotterer Voro.

I had the idea of using a roller shutter for a cupboard instead of a sliding door set… hence, the interest in speed.

I think this depends on different details, what’s the weight and the dimensions of the rollershutter, what’s the performance of the motor, dimensions of the shaft…

Speed depends on the brand of the motor (and is normally published in the tec specs) and the weight/dimension of the roller shutters.
A popular and cheap solution in Germany is Jarolift, the make about 15 resolutions per minute.

That means for a roller shutter length of 120 cm and a shaft diameter of 6 cm about 20 seconds for opening or closing completely. In my case weight can be omitted because the motor is far more powerful than the maximum weight of this rollershutter.

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… fully understood… the problem is lack of information… and I was simply after some ‘experiences’ rather than hard facts. You know, those who have shutters could let one down and take the time :wink:

Yepp, thats what I did with the 20 seconds … :grin:

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For the door to the patio (210cm height) it is about 34 seconds - my motors are from Rademacher :slight_smile:

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… both are close to 6cm per second… thanks guys…

Not the fastest thing, but tolerable.
I have a space which I want to use for my electronic lab, rather than a wardrobe. Sliders won’t do it, because when I sit in front of one half, I can’t access the other – hence, the roller door for both. :slight_smile:
Also the pantry… always thight, and since I do neither want a cavity door nor a normal (hinged) door, I will try a roller shutter.
This will be fun…