Siemens/Vanderbilt SPC Alarm?

Hello Guys.
Could it be possible to integrate the Siemens SPC intruder alarm?
There exists an application where it is possible to control the alarm, written in Java…

Could that be Integrated?

Hi Rasmus,

Without having seen the hardware, my answer would be: Maybe it is possible. When looking at the spec. Siemens SPC states that the alarm box has Ethernet and a Webserver, this means that there might be some sort of more or less open communication (I guess it is the smartphone app?). The problem is how open or close the communication is. I would not expect it to be a Rest API, I would expect something that should be reverse engineered (if possible). Since it is an alarm system, I would hope that Siemens has some kind of protection of access to the thing, else the thief might just connect to the alarm and disable it - I guess/hope that is not the situation.

Best way of finding out, is to create a small test application, and see how far you can come - but off course it requires that you own one of those things :smile:

Best regards
Martin Eskildsen

Hello Martin.
Thanks for the reply… :smile:
Actually there’s a swedish guy, WHO had developed a software in Java to communicate with the Alarm - using the Integrated “EDP” protocol… As i understand on him it’s develop in JAVA and is only some binaries that should be called with the correct parameters…
The interface is based on REST and Websockest API.

Would that be possible to integrate here easy? :smile:

The homepage:

Hi Rasmus,

I guess so, since OpenHAB is Java.
There is though some work in analyzing how to do the modelling of things in OpenHAB.

Okay - i’ll try to continue with the project :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

If you need test hardware, this can be arranged.

If you have any questions on SPC please let me know however the document of the SPC gateway from Lundix is excellent.

I’ve purchased the software from lundix. REST and Websocket API works fine. The problem is that I am not skilled enough to configure the item in openHAB. Anyone have any ideas? Mainly interested in detecting when the door opens using the websocket API.


Hello Anders…
Awesome, looking forward to hear your results here, then I wanna do the same :slightly_smiling:

Do you already have the data inside OH or have you just tried it outside oh?

Actually the SPC Gateway Box is also providing a MQTT interface, besides the REST and Websockets API. Maybe that could simplify the integration with OH. Or another option, if OH provides a REST API that can be used for creating and modifing global variables in OH, it would be very easy to add that feature to SPC Gateway Box. (The embedded binding to Fibaro HC2 works that way)

only tried it outside OH. I’m stuck in how to intitialize the web socket connection and how to connect the incoming messages to an item called ‘Door’.

Okay, I’m listening here :slightly_smiling:
Does it work correctly outside oh? Did you just buy the software or the whole box? :slightly_smiling:

Hi again,
I bougth the SPC Web Gateway (SW only). No problem at all to set-up and to communicate over EDP with the SPC 4320. Using the supplied test util to prove that the REST API and Websocket API works fine. It is how to configure OH to communicate with SPC Web Gateway that remains for me.

Göran, you mentioned that there is an MQTT interface. Is that interface only available if you buy the SPG Gateway Box? I did not get it together with the software only option of ‘SPC Web Gateway’.

The MQTT API is embedded in the SPC Gateway Box, but it is very easy to add that feature to the SPC Web Gateway. You can take one of the examples available on my github, for instance node-spc-notify-email, and just replace the mailMessage-function with a function that saves to a MQTT-broker instead. Or if you are interested, I can even give you an MQTT-example you just have to adapt to your environment.

Would be awesome if this came to Work - then i definitely also would buy the Gateway SW - exactly what i’m looking for :slightly_smiling:

Have now added a SPC - MQTT binding example on my github node-spc-mqtt

Did anyone get the interface to OH working? I bought the Web Gateway software from @gol and have it installed and the built-in web interface shows that it is communicating properly with my SPC5300 - I just need to get it communicating with OH. Any help would be welcome.

Would be awesome to hear a succes story - then i’ll buy one also :slight_smile:

@Rasmus7700 I got the gateway software working pretty easily, and the test web page shows that comms to the alarm works perfectly, but my issue now is that I only get a snapshot status of the alarm when OH restarts, i.e. when OH starts, it reads the alarm zone status, but the alarm doesn’t update OH after. I’ve yet to work out how to get the items to update when a value changes on the alarm.

If I run a mosquito_sub, I immediately get all the zones listed, but no updates. I think I need to dig deeper into how MQTT works…

Has anyone got the node-spc-mqtt solution working correctly? When i point it at my SPC Gateway and start it up I get a ‘sock hung up’ error. I tried using wss:// & ws::// protocols and no joy :cry:

Did anyone manage to get this running? Then I wanna buy the software and integrate it :slight_smile: