Simatic IOT2040

Hi, is it possible to use Simatic IOT 2040 as openhab server?
It’s a very interesting product I think. Anyone is interested to try it?


As long as Java is supported it should work:

2. can run on any device that is capable of running a JVM (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Yes I see. Will be interesting to try it. Anyone has it?

I have experienced with both IOT2040 and IOT2050. As the successor IOT2050 is based on Debian. I think you should prefer IOT2050 over IOT2040. I recorded a bunch of topics about IOT2050 and IOT2040 to share with friend. You guys can try it with google translate. I hope this can help in somehow. My blog Lê Tiến Vinh

I found IOT2050 quite interesting option. One issue I found with it is use of ie. CAN interface which requires use of arduino shields to leave mini pcie free for modem.
The next device I will look at in coming weeks is Compulab IOT-GATE-iMX8. Main Have a look on it: IOT-GATE-iMX8 | Industrial ARM IoT Gateway | CompuLab. It seems to be close to perfect. It has possibility to pick RS485/RS232 or CAN extension without sacrificing any of two mini pcie ports. I am just not certain if its performance will be sufficient for larger openHAB deployments.

@letienvinh Do you still have IOT 2050 at your disposal? Would you be up to run Geekbench 5 on it?

I just received my Compulab evaluation kit and ran Geekbench over it. I had to use preview build of Geekbench since it is not (yet) officially supported on ARM processors. Results are for stock Debian and fall into fine-ish category. They are noticeable lower than for Intel based computers I tested before (Cincoze DA-1100, Aaeon Boxer-6405, Jetway HBFDF94-02B). I need to note that Compulab is half of their size, if not smaller.

Results are here: CompuLab SB-IOTGIMX8 board + IED-BASE extension - Geekbench Browser.

It is definitely faster than Raspberry Pi 2B rev. 1.1, but rather slower than Raspberry Pi 4 in higher specs. Looking forward to see IOT20x0 results. :slight_smile: