Simple black and white icon set

I’ve been asked a few times about where my icons come from and if I wanted to share the set, so here they are.

You can find the icon set on Github here. Any comments are welcome, and if you catch me on a good day I might even take requests if it’s a good idea.

Originally they were pretty haphazard in naming convention, but i’ve since tinkered with this and they should now replace almost all of the main OH iconset if you want to use them. They’re .png format and at this stage I have no intention of creating svg’s sorry :frowning: .

There are plenty of other icons that the classic set doesn’t have, so feel free to have a look. That being said, I am missing some i’m afraid.

They’re all based off of the iOS9 icons produced by icons8, and I do add more to the set every now and then. Many are customised versions of what icons8 released so I can get the desired result.



Sharing your set might raises license issues

They’re all free from their site and I believe so long as attribution is given its OK.