Simple Door Status Widget

Screenshot 2022-05-24 100806

All of my (Kyle Mason) (mediatech15) widgets are free to copy modify and edit how you see fit. You may re-post the variants freely (an inspired by is nice)

This is a simple widget. This is a door status card. The features include:

  • Fully Responsive (based on oh-label-cell)
  • Icons based on state
  • Configuration is simple and allows for an external sensor
    • The parts of label are separate properties to allow all locks
    • Allows for a sensor in addition to lock
  • Background color updates based on state


Screenshot 2022-05-24 100729
Screenshot 2022-05-24 100806
Screenshot 2022-05-24 100856


Version 1.0

  • initial release

Version 1.1

  • Added Last Updated


Version latest

Gitlab Snippet (widget code raw for karaf)

Version v1.0

Gitlab Snippet (widget code)

Version v1.1

Gitlab Snippet (widget code)


Nice one! Can you also add a date/time/ hour item? To show the last time the door state changed?

I can add that to the next iteration. Would it be acceptable to append or format the footer text? ATM its based on the label-cell not f7-card so less options available unless I refactor

Humm tbh I’m not sure what’s best. It would be an extra information only, so it doesn’t need to be very prominent at all. But still interesting to, you know, check when was it the last time that the door was opened, or, unlocked. Probably whatever is best is also what’s easiest in this case?

Updated. Need to update screenshots still but v1.1 has that added

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Nice! It’s looking good!

Now I need to work out an alternative for the lock status. I just have a door sensor, and no lock…

You could put the item for the open close in where it asks for lock and leave the open close one empty. It will hide the text

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Your use case actually gave me a interesting idea for version 2.

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Looking forward to seeing it!

I tried like you said but the text didn’t get hidden. Maybe I need to do something else??

I re checked the code and was wrong. Though v2.0 will cover this

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Cool! :slight_smile: