Simple Gardena Setup Smart Water Control

HI All,

Iam running Openhab 3 on raspbian and wanted to see if I can include a simple irration system by using the Gardena Smart Water Control and the gardena binding. I am stuck with basic questions such as: do I need the Gardena Gateway or will openhab include the Gardena Smart Water Control as a thing I can directly access? Is there a step by step guide on how to set this up? I already got stuck with requesting the API on the Husquarna Website as I am not sure what exactly should be defined. I know these are super basic questions but I could not get a satisfying answer running a search on this forum. Thank you in advance.


as I use the Gardena Irrigation Control, I could only check qccording description of Smart Water Control. And there are written that the Gateway are required for the smart functions and the connection to Gardena Smart System Account (same as for Irrigation Control, Sensors and Mowers). The Binding use the Smart System Account so Gardena Bridge are required.
In the OH- Documentation you find step by step description to generate the API Key.

Add the application and add the three available API’s on the website ( automower not required if you only use Smart Water )

thanks for the hint - I have tried to generate the API key again, … and now it worked. Seems like I was too quick after setting up a new account with gardena. Probably have to buy a set inkl. the gateway or find another, zwave solution. Again, thx for the quick help!