Simple Habmin Chart question, what is the function of the icon

Can anybody tell me what the icon next to the ‘reload’ button on the right-top side of a HabMin chart is?
It looks a little bit like a simple video-camera, and when I push it the background becomes green.

Newbie trying to figure out how everythings works here :wink:

In theory, this should provide a ‘live’ display so that updates to a charted item will be reflected immediately in the chart.

The difference between theory and practice is a lot bigger in practice as it is in theory.

“Should provide” does that mean it is not working flawless yet?

It means it was tested when I first added this feature (probably a year ago!) but there have been a lot of changes to ESH/OH2 in the meantime, and I’ve not tested it recently so I don’t know if it still works…

I’ve tested it and is seems to work!
I’ve opened two browsers with the same graph. On one of them I’ve activated the icon.
The x-as keeps adjusting so you always see the latest data.

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: .


I also tested the “camera” option. It is working, but…

I have created two charts, one with 4 temperatures and one with 5 temperatures. If I switch to one chart and activate the camera not only the temperatures of that chart are shown, also the temperatures of the other chart are drawn within that chart, when they receive an update.

In my case at the moment this is a feature, but in future, when I’ll have a lot more charts it will produce an unreadable chart with a mess of lines.