Simple http binding and jsonpath problem

I want to create a graph with the current covid cases.
I wanted to do that with the http binding get JSON data from “

The format of the data is:

In the http cfg I added:


In the corresponding .items file I have:

String covidcasesworld "Cases [%s]" {http="<[covidworldwide:5000:JSONPATH($.cases)]"}

Still, i get the full “{“cases”:200071,“deaths”:8009,“recovered”:82813}” back as String.

Probably a small mistake that Im making but what am I doing wrong here?


Have you installed the JSONPATH transformation service? It is an add-on.

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Yeah… small mistake… worked immediately

Have to mention though that “obvious” things like that should also be mentioned in the http binding with 2 extra words if it includes example with jsonpath. I thought thats so common that its implemented anyhow.

Thanks again for your help!

It provided you with a message about the problem in your openhab.log

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