Simple little upgrade suggestion

Since OpenHAB is extremely time dependent would it not be a good idea to put the current time of the OpenHAB server on the configuration web page.

Was thinking it could go right under the OpenHAB logo in the top left. The clock does not need to update other than on a screen refresh. The reason is simple, I a newbie, spent the last 2 weeks trying to get some rules to work. The amount of frustration was huge. If it was not for bumping into a forum post of someone else having the exact same issue only to find out it was the clock I would still be fighting.

So far I have not seen anywhere on the config screens where OpenHAB says what time it ‘thinks’ it is.

Perhaps more usefully, create an example as the next step after “hello world” to create a Datetime Item, a cron rule to update it, and the means to display and format it, perhaps for different UIs.

A good walk-through of different openHAB feature areas.

You can put the digital clck widget on the overview page.



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