Simple push button

I’m moving from OH2 & files configuration to OH3 and UI generation of Items (keeping Things on files, at the moment…).
I need to have a simple button to click to send a 1 to a KNX channel and switch on a timed staircase. No state feedback, when I release, it should send a 0 to the channel.

On Habpanel it was easy:

But now I want to create an Item in OH3 (from main UI) to have it in web cards and in Habpanel too…

Please help…

Instead of a momentary button, you could add expire metadata to the item to have it automatically change state after a second or two. That’ll work consistently in any UI.

Thanks Russ. Any way I can use milliseconds?

You’d have to use a rule for that, which could add latency. Is one second really too much?

You are right, 1 second will do the job :slight_smile: Thanks.