Simple switch to get started

I’m seeking a little assistance for a first timer. finally got an install on a couple of devices now, but when i try and follow the tutorial, it asks for a network binding to see the things on my network. this does not work properly. i have a windows version of openHAB running as well as a PI version. both just sort of hang and fail to find anything on my network. all i want to do is turn a Aldi smart wifi plug on and off to start with. nothing spectacular at all. but I’m unsure how to start if i cant see it on the network first.

Which binding does your smart plug use?
You cant just use a wifi device. Either you´ll need a specific binding for the device, or I believe mttq (or whatever its named) can do it, when it´s Wifi. I havn´t tried mttq, so I cant help you on this one.
But you´ll need to provide som more infor, in order for anyone to help you.

So, i just installed a binding for wifi LED control. Found them on the network, but have no idea how to set these things up.

You cant just install something… You´ll need to install whatever binding is supporting your device.
Try search the forum for anything about the Aldi WiFi plug.

This might give you a hint:

This MIGHT be the binding from a quick google search.

You don’t need that to make it work. It’s just a tool to find out some info about your real “target” device, the Aldi plug, because you need that info to set up control for the plug. IP address and suchlike.

There are other ways to find the info.

Thanks Bruce. i downloaded it and unfortunately it didn’t automatically find it. However, i did get the led controller to work on the paper UI screen. now to work out how to do it in the basic UI.

You have to put the Item ( or its group) in a sitemap.