Simple Weather station


I’m looking for a simple weather station (those for 20 - 30 € like Is there any known, whose measurements can be integrated into openHAB?

I know it’s possible to build a sensor on my own but I’m looking for an existing solutions, which can be integrated easily.


This device relies on an outdoor sensor that is very likely communicating to the base device on the 433MHz frequency.
These signal can be caught and interpreted quite easily with the right set-up
I use RF-Link:

It’s an easy to build device based on the arduino mega that can receive the siganl of hundred of devices and output an easy to understand string.

I have mine linked with an ESP8266 on the serial port to send out MQTT messages.

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Can you use this setup to send 433 signals, such as to a wireless ceiling fan?

Thank you for the pointer to RF-Link. I’m familiar with ESP8266 and 433MHz receiver.

Which Weather station are you using? Can you recommend it?

It’s not a weather station, it’s a simple temperature and humidity sensors that I picked up at Lidl a few month ago.