"Simulate" tariffs like tibber or awattar

I’m planning to move to a variable tariff-model like tibber or awattar.
To plan for that I’d like to “simulate” my current consumption with live-data from one of those providers.

But: to use either bindings I have to have an account with them, which I don’t have presently. Is there anybody having similar or same requirements and managed to get it running already? Perhaps there is already an free-to-use API in place, which I didn’t came across?

Tibber allows you to play with their API using a demo token, so you can get prices, and consumption for a simulated home. I guess it won’t work with the binding, but it can let you experiment a bit if that’s what you’re after?

Yes, I just realized, I only need the marketprice / “Börsenstrompreis” for each hour and can then calculate my consumption. So I guess, that’s all I need to put it in a rule for a “actual consumption”.
To make it a bit more complicated I could already start implementing EV charging or powering other switchable consumers to the future marketprice coming out of those API-calls.

The price seems to be for Stockholm (price area SE3), so might not reflect the price you would get, but should give you some data to work with at least.

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IIUC, the Tibber price model for Germany is based on epexspot market data:

I wouldn’t trust the prices from the Tibber API (Bewertungen zu Tibber | Lesen Sie Kundenbewertungen zu tibber.com). :slight_smile:

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Hah! I just installed the aWATTar binding. As there’s no need for a API-token ATM, it worked ootb. So now I can simulate. At least the last 20hours or so, the Marketprice was cheaper than my fixed rate from the EVU. :wink: