Single tap on floor plan on iOS does not work

When I try to single tap on a marker on a floor plan, it actually issues a double tap. I’m trying to use a floor plan to toggle a light. This works fine on chrome on desktop but not on my mobile running iOS (at least chrome and Safari). I can see the icon is toggled for a very short time and then toggled again. As a result, the light usually stays off (or on). Rarely it works. The following example demonstrates this issue:

  label: Sandbox
  sidebar: true
  - component: oh-plan-marker
      name: New Marker
      action: command
      actionItem: test
      actionCommand: '=(items.test.state > 0) ? "0" : "100"'
      actionCommandAlt: "100"
      icon: "=(items.test.state > 0) ? 'f7:circle_fill' : 'f7:circle'"
      default: []

I found the following issue with leaflet which I think causes this:

It even proposes to disable tap to fix this (see the discussion on github) or to upgrade the leaflet version.
Is there a possibility to do this change easily on my local installation or do I need to touch the source code?
I’m observing this since OH 3.0 and it is still present on OH 3.1.