Sinope Zigbee Thermostat TH1123ZB w/ Sonoff zigbee pro (on tasmota)

Good morning all,

I just got myself a Sinope TH1123ZB-G2 and a Sonoff zigbee pro bridge, which I flashed with tasmota.

I got the bridge up and running, added to OpenHab (4.0.x) via MQTT and then I paired the Thermostat.
All is good, except the read/write to the Custom cluster (0xFF01), which I can deal with later on (seems Sinopé blocked a few things…).

Now my question is more into the choice of simple MQTT, or to use Zigbee2MQTT (I know the zigbee binding is out since my bridge is connected via Wifi).

I installed Zigbee2MQTT, and tried the bridge in “TCP server” mode. Seems to work, although I guees I will have to re-pair my devices with the bridge (please confirm if I am talking out of my a$$).

Can I gain anything by using Zigbee2MQTT? I starting to get the big picture on the way it works but I might need to iron out some concepts.

Thanks a bunch.

My very limited understanding is that is true. Unlike with Zwave, most of the information about devices paired is not on the coordinator so you’d have to pair them again when moving the coordinator between services.

I imagine there might be some things that Zigbee2MQTT provides that is value added. I don’t use it so don’t know. Personally, if your IP coordinator already talks MQTT, I’d probably use that. The more services you run the more overall maintenance you have to keep them up. It must provide some benefit or else it’s not worth it.

I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet, but eventually I would expect someone to write a Zigbee2MQTT autodiscovery extension to the MQTT binding so that those devices can be autodiscovered. That would be value added.

Thanks for the feedback. I agree that for now I seem to have everything I need to monitor/control my devices. So I will continue on that road. Cheers!