SIP Client

Did anybody wrote a script/rule to dial out via SIP protocol which could be published here?
Use case is quite easy: In case of fire alarm I want openHAB to connect via SIP to my Fritzbox and dial a mobile phone number.
No text-to-speech and no playing of wav/mp3 files required. Just dialing out.

I remember once being successful with linphone. But this was years ago and I do not have the code anymore.
Look for the linphone-deamon, it is a CLI you could call with the exec-binding.

Another option would be Jami, here you find some details on how to get it up and running on a Raspberry Pi.
Good luck

thanks thomas. will give it a try. however, if anybody is out there who wrote a python script please let me know

Have a look at Call phone with Fritzbox binding and fritzconnection if that helps.


rule "VoIP Call on Klingel"
  Item Klingel changed from OFF to ON
  executeCommandLine("/opt/sipcmd/sipcmd -P sip -u voip-user -c 1234 -a Klingel -w -x 'c**610;h'")

thanks, but I’d prefer to set it up as a SIP connection rather than a proprietary interface

yeah, I saw that, too. But I found out that this tool is not supported anymore and does not run on latest unix versions

I try it in Docker with Ubuntu 18.4 and FritzOS 7.25 and it works.

Perhaps this is an Alternative.

Which SIP client do you suggest under openhabian? I guess it should be possible to trigger the calls without much hassle …