Sitemap and Items Problem

Hi there,

i have a problem getting my HUE lights working in a test sitemap.

I configured the Hue Bridge and the HUE lights in the Paper UI, the bridge and the lights show up in Configuration/Things.

Now i try to build a items file and a sitemap

Items File called “Group.item”:

Group gWohnung
Group gFlur (gWohnung)
Group gBad (gWohnung)
Group gKueche (gWohnung)
Group gSchlafzimmer (gWohnung)
Group gWohnzimmer (gWohnung)
Group gSofa (gWohnzimmer)
Group gEsstisch (gWohnzimmer)
Group gDeckenfluter (gWohnzimmer)

Items File called “Flur.item”:

Color flur_l_decke “Flur” <light> (gFlur) [“Lightning”] {channel=“hue:0210:0017881000bb:13:color”}

Sitemap File called “_default.sitemap”

sitemap _default label="Main" {

	Frame label="Gruppen" {
		Group item=gWohnung label="Wohnung" icon="group"
	Frame label="Items" {
		Colorpicker item=flur_l_decke

The channel description of the HUE light is copied from the Paper UI.

I run into two problems, when i’m clicking through the Groups on the sitemap, i can’t see the HUE light in the Group “gFlur” and when i try to change the Color of the light direct in the sitemap it does not work.

There are no entries in the logs, so i don’t know how i can get it to work


I don’t have a HUE…but if you don’t see anything in events.log&openhab.log, that is not good.
According to
i would say your item definition&sitemap should be ok for a color picker so you should see something in the logs.
If you do see something, then just guessing from the docu you will also need a switch item to turn the light actually on. The colorpicker just sets the color me thinks.
If not, you should check if the binding is really connected to your HUE bridge…and then take it from there.

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Hey @Cyclopes,

(side note: The easier the question to read the likelier you’ll get an answer. I’ve added code fences around your code.)

First, please check and correct the quotes in your items file. Secondly check that your items files are called “.items”. Finally as @Oli said check out your log files while interacting with the sitemap to get feedback.