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Hey guys,

i am currently developing a new binding. I wanted to check how an Item with multiple switches looks on the basic ui. There is always loading the demo sitemap. Which Sitemap do I have to call to show the PaperUI-Created Items?

Thank you.

Regards, Max

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You will need to create (manually) a new sitemap to include the items that you want to display.
There is no sitemap that by default will show in Basic UI the items that are shown in the Paper UI Control tab.

Create a new file in the sitemaps config directory (i.e. /etc/openhab2/sitemaps) and set it as default via the Paper UI (configure services -> Basic UI)

Nothing to add here, besides the link to the documentation :wink:

Thank you guys. Solution found.

But a mystery stays… why isn’t there a option to create sitemaps via the PaperUI. It seems pretty odd to install everything via PaperUI and then there is the need to look into the file system and create files per hand. Whats the idea behind that?

Regards, Max

Paper UI is a rather new component. Not long ago you would configure everything around openHAB in configuration files. This was easier than you might think and gave you a certain clarity. PaperUI will learn new things over time and defining a sitemap might probably be one of the rather earlier than later things :wink:

Some more text you might find interesting:

There is also the concept of a UIMap which is extremely flexible. The code and some docs are already there: GitHub

Discussions about UIMap: Eclipse Forum UI