Sitemap: Best way to show navigation arrows

I’m currently trying to implement Plex into my openhab installation, and since I do not want any tv remotes and keyboards in my livingroom, I’m looking for the best way to make arrowkeys in a sitemap. I can ofcourse arrange them all on one line after each other or make a seperate line for each button, but the best would be to have them arrange “as they should”.
Anyone done this before? or have a good idea?


I’ve been trying to do this for my SqueezeBox players… The best I’ve come up with is a button with “<” or “>” for previous and next tracks… Not the best I guess…

Hmm, yeah, but how about up and down…

^ V


It sure aint pretty though! I suspect this is something that will be improved in the future with UIs that support a more freeform layout, but for now, options are probably a bit limited :frowning:

See this post here for a similar implementation:!searchin/openhab/oknyo/openhab/jSydSzW5SNU/T-p2QmXq-L8J

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That sitemap looks decent but I read it doesn’t work well in the classic UI…

Would be great if we could use icons somehow as buttons…

I suspect that as people’s requirements and expectations grow, defining ‘sitemaps’ that work the same in multiple UIs and on different devices will become more difficult.

In HABmin I now have an agile dashboard layout in development and I expect the new OH2 sitemaps definition to accommodate features to allow positioning of widgets. Once we start to do this I suspect that the peculiarities of different UI implementations will mean it will look different anyway…