Sitemap Configuration for Hue

I am looking to modify the demo.sitemap file and add 3 on/off switches for the Hue starter kit bulbs within the First Floor group. However when I look at the demo.sitemap text, I don’t see any configuration of the items located within the “First Floor” group?

Am I correct in assuming that the demo.sitemap file calls upon the demo.items file to retrieve the items within the groups?

Yes. If you add a Group item in the sitemap, all items of that group are automatically added. The group information is read from the items file. If you want to add other items, you need to add a Text item and add all your items manually as sub-elements.

Here’s what I have so far. My server can ping the Hue hub, and my bulbs turn on and off with the Hue app, but not with openHAB. My goal is to do just a simple on/off switch.

The switches all show up in the their correct group on the sitemap. The Hue bridge is successfully paired with openHAB per the log files in /var/log/openhab/openhab.log

For some reason the on/off switches in place are unable to have any effect on the bulbs

Group All
Group CTB (All)

Group CTB_Hue “Hue Bulbs” (CTB)

/* Lights */
Switch Light_CTB_Hue “Hue Bulb 1” (CTB_Hue, Lights)
Switch Light_CTB_Hue “Hue Bulb 2” (CTB_Hue, Lights)
Switch Light_CTB_Hue “Hue Bulb 3” (CTB_Hue, Lights)

sitemap demo label=“Demo House”
Frame {
Group item=CTB label=“Clayton’s Devices” icon=“firstfloor”

Any advice?

I threw out the demo files and started over from scratch, ended up being a good choice. Used this tutorial:

Now I have ON/OFF switches and color spectrum choices for all 3 Hue lights

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