Sitemap configured in /etc/ not showing

Hello everyone,

after upgrading (or trying to) to either v2.5 or v3 I am facing several difficulties. Not to mention that I dont understand the new settings anymore, one of my main problems currently is that sitemaps configured in /etc/openhab/sitemaps are not showing online.

I now could create sitemaps in that other menu thingy, but that is not quite my way. What can I do? Where are the sitemaps saved that are created in the online userface?

Also, if i try to edit the code online in said online tool, no change whatsoever is applied. I have to click everything in the UI. I am very frustrated currently.

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Help us get you back up and running as quickly as possible by clearing up a few things (see here for examples of the kind of information that really helps us).

It seems you are on OH3 now if you are talking about UI configuration issues, but what version of OH3? How did you upgrade?

There’s lots of information about the new MainUI in these forums and in the docs.

If you’ve read through all of those doc pages and still have questions then, by all means, put those questions up here on the forum and we’ll try to get you squared away. But, we’re going to assume that you’ve at least read through those docs first and start our explanations at that level.

Perhaps that has not been your way in the past, but many people, myself included, that previously relied exclusively on file-based configurations have transitioned over to using the UI for the majority of the work because the new UI makes it fairly clean an easy. You might find it worth at least giving it a fair try to see if all the new improvements fit your use cases. There are plenty of pros and cons for each option, it just depends on what you need. I’m just suggesting that you not close that door by default; there’s probably a lot more on the other side of it than you are expecting at first.

Anything you create through the UI is saved in a json format in one of the files in the /userdata/jsondb directory. Sitemaps specifically are found in the uicomponents_system_sitemap.json file. However, because this is a json format it will not look like the sitemap files you are accustomed to.

Which code? Which online tool?

Thanks for the thorough answer.

I am currently running openhab v2.5 after unsuccessfully trying to “sudo openhabian-config” several times.

As for the new menu, I am trying to dig through several docs, community posts and other results, mostly without finding an answer. I was going to put everything into one post, but I also tried to keep this post “topic related”.

Also I am not opting out of clicking my way through configs, I do see the pros in some situations, but I have also been more of an editor guy. Text usually does exactly what is written, not something you have to search for and copy and pasting makes things even faster.

In the new Interface, whatever it is called, under settings and Pages. At first I did the UI configuration, but since I had the wanted bracked written out anyway I was trying to paste that into the same page in under the tab “Code”, where the same language is used. Sadly, everything I edit there is immediately reset. I can only use the graphical tool.

If I then go ahead and copy said Code into a new sitemap in /etc/openhab/sitemaps/name.sitemaps, it won’t show up in the paper UI.

It would be worth going though the Getting Started - Introduction | openHAB to get yourself oriented a bit with openHAB 3’s MainUI. One big thing about MainUI on this point is *it doesn’t display sitemaps." You can mostly create a sitemap in MainUI but if you want to see it, you have to use one of the UIs that use sitemaps: BasicUI, the iOS App, the Android App.

Pages are something completely different and have absolutely nothing in common with sietmaps. It sounds a whole lot like you are trying to define a Page or a widget on a Page using sitemap syntax. That’s not going to work at all any more than using sitemap syntax to define a HABPanel will work. The three are completely separate.

Having said all that, sitemaps and BasicUI pretty much work exactly like they have always worked in OH 2. So all your /etc/openhab/sitemaps will appear in BasicUI just as they always have.

There is definitely something strange going on here. The new MainUI with the graphical sitemap editor (which I assume for you looks something like this)

Is only for OH3. You cannot be using this if you are on v2.5. It is the successor to paperUI which is only for OH2. There is no surprise that changes made in the MainUI do not show up in paperUI because the two cannot be sharing the same running OH instance. The actual surprise here is that they both even appear to running at the same time at all.

Before you get much further in solving this sitemap issue, you’re going to have resolve what is going on with your versions and your running OH instances.

If you are running OH3 and you have created a sitemap in the MainUI then to see that sitemap you can click on the other apps icon in the upper right-hand corner of the home screen (the overview window)
That should open up a sidebar that gives you access to the BasicUI for sitemaps

Yes, I noted that. I am still trying to use sitemaps, as I find these a little easier to grasp and more compact, especially on mobile devices. What I have beent trying to say is that Basic UI is not displaying the sitemaps i created using vim.

Even though I mistook the “Paper UI” with the “Basic UI” (which I was using), I can access everything in the new UI. I did work through it a little and at least got some things running. Not everything is working as intended but at least I can turn on the lights in my living room in Main UI’s Pages and Basic UIs Sitemaps now.

I do not know why I see any of this or why the updating did not go any further as v2.5.

There are more issues that the version, I can also not access the console, as no password will do and even after using passwd several times, the password does not change. This does sound like a different category for a problem so should maybe provide a new post.