Sitemap - default element type visibility parameter


Does anybody know how to toggle visibility for a sitemap element rendered as ‘default’?
I have the following:

Switch Kitchen_Kodi_Status (Kodi_Status, Kitchen_Kodi, Kitchen) {channel="network:device:192_168_200_88:online"}
Player Kitchen_Kodi_Player "Kodi player" <cinema> (Kitchen_Kodi, Kitchen) {channel="kodi:kodi:9c74a65c:control"}

and in sitemap

Default item=Kitchen_Kodi_Player visibility=[Kitchen_Kodi_Status==ON]

If I let the item rendered as ‘default’ it is showed anyhow, even if Kitchen_Kodi_Status if OFF.
However, if I define it as switch

Switch item=Kitchen_Kodi_Player visibility=[Kitchen_Kodi_Status==ON]

Then the visibility parameter is respected and the item is not shown if Kitchen_Kodi_Status is OFF.
I know I can it work with mappings, but is that how is supposed to work?
I mean shouldn’t it work with default as with any other element type?

IMHO, it looks like a bug.
Did you notice that behavior in all UIs or only in one in particular ?

Well, I’m only using Basic UI, but I checked also Classic and it’s the same…

Looks like a bug should be declared in

Did an issue for this get logged? I have the same trouble but don’t want to duplicate issues.

Sorry, I didn’t post…
This thread just slipped my mind

Issue logged.

This has been fixed in one of the recent nightly builds. Default items now adhere to their visibility parameter correctly.

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