Sitemap door closed missing

In my sitemap the door “Closed” word is missing. Can anyone help?

Probably, but you need to show us your configuration (item definitions and sitemap) so that we’re not guessing. :wink:

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Use the force Russ! LOL :rofl: :roll_eyes:

Hi, I hope this is what you want.

That’s half of it. You’ve shown us your item, but not the code that you wrote into your .sitemap file. Without seeing what you’ve put in there, we can’t tell you how exactly how to fix it. I’m not trying to be a jerk about this, we just encourage people to provide lots of information so that we don’t have to go back and forth trying to help. It saves everyone time.

Out of curiousity, why are you using sitemaps? If you’re just getting started with OH, I’d recommend learning the semantic model instead and creating pages in the UI. I like sitemaps, but they have more limitations.

When you post your code, please use code fences so that it’s easy to read and debug.

Hi, I just started using OH3 a few weeks now. i am using sitemap so i can select what i want to see on my mobile phone. I am not writing anything as i am using OH3. Will send the code which was filled by OH3. I have no idea what you mean by code fences.

code.txt (506 Bytes)

What you are showing in the last picture / file is the definition of a thing, we need the information of the ITEM you created as only items are displayed to the user.

In order to show the used code readable it is better to post the code-text only ( and not a picture like above). The linked thread shows how to use code fences which would show code automatically formatted by the forum.

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Perhaps we should go back and clarify what you mean by “sitemap”?

In openHAB there are special files called sitemaps, that are used with some viewers like BasicUI to control what is shown. People generally edit those by hand. If something doesn’t show up, you’d want to know the contents of that xxxx.sitemap file.

The OH3 default UI is called MainUI and does not use these sitemap files.


You posted a screenshot for “Gaza Sitemap” above, with this URL.


As @rossko57 stated, this should be generated by a file called uicomponents_Gaza.sitemap, in which you or someone else would have coded all of the items that you can see in the sitemap. In order to figure out what’s wrong with your sitemap, we need to see that code. If you didn’t write it, then I don’t know how it’s being generated.

Saying all that, if you want to avoid coding with OH3, then you should instead learn how to make pages in OH3. You can easily build your Gaza Sitemap in an OH3 page through the user interface.

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I am using pages to make my site map. I can select door for the icon, by doing that OH3 puts in the “Closed” automaticly, which is missing. So i think its to do with a bug in OH3.

Well, that explains it. I’m guessing that none of us who have responded have ever used the “Create Sitemap” feature in the UI. I didn’t even know that was possible.


I’m glad you figured it out. Going forward, when you make new posts you should always choose a topic. In this case, “Setup, Configuration and Use - Beginners”. Doing so will provide a template that you can fill in to ensure that you’re giving us the details we need to help you. Otherwise, we end up in this sort of back-and-forth just trying to get information.

Basically, tell us exactly what you’ve done, what outcome you expect, and what’s actually happening. Then it’s much easier for us to identify where things have gone wrong and get you sorted out quickly.

Even if you created the sitemap via MainUI you can post the (automatically) created code! When viewing the setup of this sitemap hit the the CODE tab instead of DESIGN.

My guess is, your used the Switch widget for your door-sensor and gave it the label: Door Sensor 1 instead of Door Sensor 1 [%s]. That way ON or OFF will be displayed, can’t say why the transformation isn’t used for this (special) kind of sitemap.

Thanks for your help, this is the sitemap.New Text Document.txt (4.8 KB)

Hi, thanks for your guide will help a lot.

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