Sitemap frames with video not relayed

Hello community,
I’ve had this issue both with OH2 and OH3. so it’s not an upgrade problem.
I have a Sitemap Frame which contains a url link to an IP cam feed from ‘SecuritySpy’ software. SecuritySpy runs on same MacMini. Thus SecuritySpy does the heavy lifting and handles the cam stream and openHAB merely ‘taps into’ that. I wanted to have this elegant link to my IP cams so one didn’t have to always jump to the actual SecuritySpy software.
The cam stream shows perfectly in both the Sitemap and HabPanel when I viewed as a ‘localhost’ login on same MacMini as openHAB is running from.
The cam stream also shows perfectly when viewed on HabPanel on an iPad connected wirelessly on same LAN.
The cam stream does not show at all who viewed on a Laptop on same LAN logged in to OH nor from iPhone Safari browser as local login nor from iPhone on cellular as remote login. In all cases I just get a blank white screen.
Is this a fundamental flaw/limitation of the Webview item in OH? Btw, the ‘Video’ item is NOT appropriate here and doesn’t work at all from anywhere.
Any ideas/suggestions out there? Thanks in advance.