Sitemap Group Chart


Could someone help me and give me some information how to set up Group Chart item within OH3 - when possible using Main UI.

Did it former in OH2.5 like
Bildschirmfoto 2021-05-04 um 20.47.04

via OH2.5 sitemap

Switch item=Chart_WarmWasser icon="softener" mappings=[0="Tag", 1="Woche", 2="Monat"]
   Chart item=KM200_HC1_WaterTemp period=D refresh=7200 visibility=[Chart_WarmWasser==0, Chart_WarmWasser=="Uninitialized"]
   Chart item=KM200_HC1_WaterTemp period=W refresh=1800 visibility=[Chart_WarmWasser==1]
   Chart item=KM200_HC1_WaterTemp period=M refresh=3600 visibility=[Chart_WarmWasser==2]
Switch item=Chart_HeizungTemp icon="fan" mappings=[0="Tag", 1="Woche", 2="Monat"]
    Chart item=gHeizungTemp period=D refresh=7200 visibility=[Chart_HeizungTemp==0, Chart_HeizungTemp=="Uninitialized"]
    Chart item=gHeizungTemp period=W refresh=1800 visibility=[Chart_HeizungTemp==1]
    Chart item=gHeizungTemp period=M refresh=3600 visibility=[Chart_HeizungTemp==2]

Thank you very much for any idea and information.

Depends…in “old” sitemaps, the groups still work.

But if you want to use the (new) chart pages, you need to add every single value as seperate time series. At least I didn’t find a way to add a group. You can select it - but it won’t be shown.