Sitemap group of video streams

It’s late in the day, going bed now, but hopefully someone can answer this easy question because I’m out of ideas… sounds simple enough.

In my sitemap, I’d llike a Group widget on the sitemap, that when clicked on, opens up three camera streams: Lounge, Hall , Kitchen.

I created three String items:- i_CAM_Lounge, *_Hall, and *_Kitchen and put these in a g_CAM group…Then, on the sitemap I added a Group and set iitem= to g_CAM. Then I realised that isnt going to work because all that will do is display three strings. The strings were the url of the video stream and the enconding= needs to be mjpeg


Text label=“click here for videos” icon=“camera” {
Whatever you do for video from string A
Whatever you do for video from string B
Whatever you do for video from string C

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Perfect! thanks. It was obvious but I couldnt for love nor money get it right.

The Group widget in sitemap only allows default views of any members.

But you can use it the same “click for more” mode as a Text widget, if you wanted to show the Group status, say.

Group item=gLights {
Switch item=blah
Switch item=bleh

The sub-items need not even be group members.

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