Sitemap hangs, OH1 stops reading data from Arduino


I take the Arduino off the serial port sometimes to kinda make some changes, and I know that the serial port number changes from time to time when that happens and I fix that when the problem arises but, when I plug the Arduino back in, OH1 doesn’t read the data sent by the Arduino anymore yet “minicom” says that data is being sent through the serial usb port. At this instance, I try to reload my sitemap/ui and it fails to do so.

Is there a reason as to why this is happening? Or if someone could help/point me to the right direction to try and fix it.

Thank you

First, it is probably a good idea to stop OH before you unplug the serial device then start OH after plugging it back in.

Secondly, watch the OH logs for errors.

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Alright, I’ll make a mental note of that. Thanks