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I started using the OH2 beta some time ago. I am now on the released version and still very much satisfied with it. There is just one small little annoyance.

I have 2 sitemaps: default.sitemap (called Thuis), that I created myself and another one that is called home and contains all the items in my system in one large list… I think the home _default one was added automatically… but now I would like to remove it, but don;t know how, don’t know where to find it, or where to find the setting…(it is not in my sitemaps folder)…

Can someone help me out?



This is very annoying :frowning: Especially in the android application.This issue has already been raised and more than once, but it is ignored, unfortunately :frowning:

Why not just ignoring the “_default” sitemap ?
It is a sitemap built dynamically by code, not a static sitemap. Useful at least for testing or for first usage (when you have not yet created a specific sitemap).

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When you give a person access to the android application, it takes a long time to explain what it is, why it is not necessary to choose itd.
Let this site map remain, but then you need a choice of which map of the site to show in the and android application, and which does not.

We could imagine a setting to enable/disable this sitemap. You just need a developer interested in implementing this feature.

I’d like to disable the automatically generated default sitemap too, I have no need for it.

I’m using the Android openHAB app.
Is this the Home sitemap we’re talking about here?

It’s empty and I would like to remove it as well. I only created one demo.sitemap file.

It is not empty if you have setup OH2 things.

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I have the same annoying problem, when I use paper UI to find a new device, it´s placed on the _default sitemap not in my Home sitemap, any updates on this one?

The problem of the default site map (i don’t know if it’s a problem or the developer needs it there) still remains, i think that _default sitemap is hardcoded on the app source, so now way to delete it, because on the OH2 site i have one and only sitemap. it’s been 6 months since the thread was opened and no solution was given, i think i’m going to modify the source code and compile it my self.

I think it was already removed:

While I’m late for the party I want to give some details about this sitemap:

  1. The sitemap _default is filled with data from your openHAB 2 things
  2. This is done server side, so you can open it in basic ui:
  3. The app will only display it any longer, if you have no sitemap configured
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High @mueller-ma
Your statement is correct for the BasicUI, however not for the Android App (aka Habdroid ), which uses the sitemap files also. On Habdroid the “Home” sitemap is selectable although other selfmade sitemap are created.
My solution is to set the default sitemap for this app in the settings of this app. That way a “normal user” will not get this list displayed.

Hey @opus,
You’re right, the change I mentioned was done after the 2.0 release, so it isn’t in the stable version. I hope to release 2.1 next week.

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Got the update and this sitemap is gone👍

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Inside my services folder I have one file basicui.cfg
it contains one line:
(Replaced my sitemap with yours)

This is still a problem. I have switch items that should not be exposed to the UI because they are supposed to be read-only for users (they are changed by rules though). At least the iOS app still shows both the _default and my manually created sitemap.

I can confirm
On Android, it doesn’t show up while on iOS it does

Simple: Switch to a proper phone with Android… iOS sucks :slight_smile:


in the settings, you have an option of “select sitemap”
I think that the Ios developers have chosen to not hide the created sitemap, yet to allow you to select the one you want (and then you never have to select the sitemap)

For me, it would be more logic to hide the autocreated sitemap on the server (or better, to not create it), an option to do that inside openhab server feels a better solution.

I agree, and it’s not my phone that runs iOS, just for the record :rofl:

Even more so, I don’t want hidden auto-generated sitemaps to show up on phones of household members because they could accidentally push buttons they are not supposed to…

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