Sitemap in android app does not show frame

I have a simple sitemap with some groups with switches to turn lights on and off and at the bottom 3 frames with the status of three sensors (closed / open)

The app on the iphone shows everything as expected, however the android app does not show the frames with the sensors status. Do I need to code differently for android than iphone?

Here is the sitemap code

sitemap page_bf1d0ef7c3 label="Test Sitemap" {
    Group item=Family_Room {
        Switch item=Familyroomlamp1
        Switch item=Familyroomlamp2
        Switch item=FamilyRoomFan
        Switch item=Familyroomlamp3
    Group item=Kitchen {
        Switch item=KitchenIslandlight_Switch label="Island"
        Switch item=Kitchensink label="Sink"
        Switch item=Kitchenundercabinet label="Under Cabinet"
        Switch item=KitchenTableLight_KitchenTableSwitch label="Eating Area"
    Group item=Back_Yard {
        Switch item=Deckflood label="Deck Flood"
        Switch item=Backyard label="Backyard Lights"
        Switch item=TPLINKoutdoorplug_Outlet2_Switch label="Deck Lights"
        Switch item=TPLINKoutdoorplug label="Pool Pump"
    Group item=Fron_Yard label="Front Yard" {
        Switch item=LightsFrontyard
        Switch item=frontdoor
        Switch item=Garageoutsidelight_Power
    Group item=Living_Room {
        Switch item=Livingroomlamp1
        Switch item=Livingroomlamp2
        Switch item=LivingroomLamp3
        Switch item=Livingroomlamp4
    Group item=Master_Bed {
        Switch item=Masterbedroomentrance
        Group item=X10SwitchA1 label="Euge's light" {
            Switch item=X10SwitchA1_SwitchState label="Switch"
            Slider item=X10DimmerA1_LightLevel label="Dimming"
        Group item=X10SwitchA2 label="Carlos' light" {
            Switch item=X10SwitchA2_SwitchState label="Switch"
            Slider item=X10DimmerA2_LightLevel label="Dimming"
    Group item=Speakers {
        Switch item=Speakers_DeckSpeaker label="Deck Speaker"
        Switch item=Speakers_KitchenSpeaker label="Kitchen Speaker"
        Switch item=Speakers_LivingRoomSpeaker label="LR Speaker"
        Switch item=Speakers_MasterBedroomSpeaker label="MB Speaker"
    Frame item=Sensors_GarageDoor label="Garage Door"
    Frame item=Sensors_Garagesidedoor label="Garage Side door"
    Frame item=Sensors_Yarddoor label="Yard Fence"

Thank you

The frame element cannot be empty and you need to add some other items to the frame, similar as you have done it with the group

The frame is not empty it has a sensor state (Open/close). The frame and sensor state displays fine (or at least OK) when using the app in an Iphone, it does not when using the app on two different android phones.

Have a look at the documentation to see how Frame is supposed to be used.

The fact that your syntax displays ‘fine’ in the iOS app is pure luck.

Got it now, Thanks
I created the sitemap using the UI, not sure why there is an option to add an item when inserting the frame the frame, that is what confused me, that plus the fact that it was working fine in an iphone