Sitemap in filesystem (OH3)

I’m a beginner with Openhab
I was made a clean install with Openhab 3 on debian (created exclusively for openhab, running in proxmox, all up to date)

I was made some Things, Items and Pages (sitemap layout etc). Everything working fine.

I try to edit .sitemap file without Openhab UI, but I can’t find them.
Places of the file in /conf/sitemap in old version, but this directories is empty in my system , howewer 2 sitemap is exist in UI : /etc/openhab/sitemap (/items /pages empty as well.)
$OPENHAB_CONF is /etc/openhab

Where is places of sitemap in the new version? Or how can I force the system to save into /conf ?

Stuff that is created through the UI are called managed. If you created a sitemap through MainUI, it’s a managed sitemap.

There is no equivalent text config file for managed stuff. There is no .items file for managed Items, no .things files for managed Things and no .sitemap files for managed sitemaps. It’s all stored in the JSONDB which you can find at $OH_USERDATA/jsondb.

While these files are JSON formatted text, they are not intended to be edited by hand and in fact you must stop openHAB before attempting to edit it by hand or else OH will overwrite your changes.

You can’t. Either you create the .sitemap file yourself and always and only modify the sitemap through that text file in $OH_CONF, or you always and only create and modify the sitemap through the UI.

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I suspected that this opportunity had been taken away.

Thank you your help.

That’s probably not the best way to state it. It’s never existed in the first place. It was never there so it couldn’t have been taken away.

At this case I apologize for the wording.

Thanx again