Sitemap item mapping from oh2 to oh3 Main UI

I have to use a switch item which I use to control a room temperature. It is a knx device and the OFF command changes the temperature by -0.5° and the ON command by +0.5° in the heating actor.

My item on the Sitemap in oh2:

Switch item=Heizung_KanalD_SolltempSteuerung mappings=[OFF="-",ON="+”]

How can I adapt the default widget in oh3 for this item? Easily spoken, I need a stepper item with the + command which sends ON and the - command which sends OFF, by pressing. Actually I use a list item which shows me a selection menu:

value: oh-list-item
icon: oh:heating
action: options
title: Steuerung Solltemperatur
actionOptions: ON=“+”,OFF=“-“
actionItem: Heizung_Speicher_KanalGSolltempSteuerung

I have no idea how I can generate two buttons, one for +(ON) and the other for -(OFF).

I have no idea how to realize this and I could not find documentation for the yaml code of the widgets. Thank you for your help!

I can’t tell you have to to it exactly but I think you’ll need to create some sort of compound widget with two Label Cards with each card having an Action to command the Item ON and OFF respectively.

In the thread of one of the three Wiki pages that describe a bit about Pages there was an example building up a compound widget for a Chromecast controller widget.

Thank you @rlkoshak, but I cannot find the example in the three main post of the wiki pages article…

That’s because, as I said, is in the thread. In the replies. I can’t bring the page up right now but just search in the page for Chromecast.