Sitemap List items member of multiple groups

Hi, I have the following setup:

.items File

Group House
Group GroundFloor (House)
Group FirstFloor (House)

Group Corridor (GroundFloor)
Group BathRoomGF (GroundFloor)
Group GuestRoom (GroundFloor)
Group LivingRoom (GroundFloor)
Group DiningKitchen (GroundFloor)

Group DressingRoom (FirstFloor)
Group BedRoom (FirstFloor)
Group BathRoomFF (FirstFloor)
Group Gallery (FirstFloor)

// Lights
Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF)  Lights "Aktive Lampen [%d]" <light> (House, Nightmode)

Switch W1S1 "Küche" (Lights, DiningKitchen)
Switch W2S1 "Essbereich" (Lights, DiningKitchen)
Switch W3S1 "Sofa" (Lights, LivingRoom)
Switch W3S2 "Fernsehewand" (Lights, BedRoom)

.sitemap File

Group  item=AND(Lights, FirstFloor)

As you can see, I divided my groups into functional and location units and every item has both - a location and a functional group.
What I want from this is what I wrote down to the sitemap section. I want to filter sitemap items by 2 groups, so I can use any combination of function and location.
In my example I would list all lights in the first floor.

Is that possible?


You would have to create a group FirstFloorLights
Or build up your sitemap item by item (I recommend that approach. More control)
By displaying groups in a sitemap you have no control of the order in which their items are displayed.

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Second what @vzorglub says. Once you get deeper into crafting sitemap, use of Groups becomes too limiting e.g. unable to order Items, individual colour or visibility highlights etc. Curly brackets { } are your friend for “sub-pages”.