Sitemap Question regarding Groups

I’m tired of habpanel and decided to make a sitemap now. I started to group things which works flawless…

But now I have to raise the WAF(!) :slightly_smiling_face:

My Sitemap right now is VERY simple…

    Frame label="Räume" {
    Group item=gEG
    Group item=gOG
    Group item=gAU

Thats it :slight_smile:

gEG = groundfloor
gOG = upper floor
gAU = Outdoors

I have another groups.items where i define for example:
Group EG_Gast “Gästezimmer” (gEG)

So I group EG_Gast (which means Guestroom) to the group gEG.

Easy! so I only have to group all my items into the specific room and I’m done.


My wife had sliders for the rollershutter in habpanel and doesnt like to wait an press top with the three button solution. So I have to build in some sliders or preselections like here: OpenHab App Rollershutter control

ATM the sitemap generates itself more or less by itself… how do I extend EG_Gast with that preselections without building the whole room by hand?

You don’t.
Group widget in sitemaps allows quick and dirty way to see Items with default widgets. You cannot choose the order, change colours, use different widgets or parameters like mappings.

You do it longhand, line by line. You can still use the “sub-page” feature of Group { } widget.

You only have to do it once.

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