Sitemap "setpoint" formatting in OH3

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Both Rpi3 and Rpi4 on OH3 RC1. Although since I went directly from 2.5.10 to OH3 M5 and now RC1, it is likely a generic OH3 question. Also while exploring the new UI, I am currently using BasicUI sitemaps.

The issue is a command like;

> Setpoint item=UpstairsThermostat21_SetpointHeating label="Upstairs Temp Setting - Heat" minValue=60.0 maxValue=72 step=1.0

no longer works in either Pi’s. Has the formatting changed? When I tap the up/down arrows the number doesn’t change. My rules can change the setpoint, just no “manual” operation via the sitemap

This may depend on the viewer - BasicUI via generic browser, android app etc.?

I would ask if you see incoming commands in your events.log but I believe these may now be suppressed by default.

I use three (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari) to display the sitemap. Used to work on all, now on none. Also no information in events.log

I would still like to know more if “Setpoint” is still planned to work in OH3, however, for now I replaced the sitemap with “Selection” which is less elegant, but works.

> Selection item=UpstairsThermostat21_SetpointHeating label="Upstairs Temp Setting - Heat" mappings=[60="60",61="61",62="62",63="63",64="64",65="65",66="66",67="67",68="68",69="69"]

The root cause is that Items that are units, such as Number:Temperature do not work properly as Setpoints in basicUI. So the three possible fixes are:

  • change it from setpoint to seletion as above
  • in the Items, change the item to remove Units. Just have Number mySetpointItem
  • in the sitemap, use label to specify the unit there, and it apparently works.

Github bug: OH3: number:temperature items not working with setpoint elements · Issue #765 · openhab/openhab-webui · GitHub

Thanks. I read the github and commented with a link to this post (as moral support for the fix). The label one seemed to work on three of the four, so I’ll stick with with the selection on the other until I see it is fixed