Sitemap show a URL?

I am loading a camera feed in a sitemap, that works fine.
The camera itself has PTZ buttons on its own browser URL that I can see if I leave openHAB and load the camera page instead.

My question is can I put a hyperlink to that camera hosted page on openHAB so I can look at the picture and then click the link to go adjust the camera if needed?


View sorse code on camera URL, if PTZ buttons are hiperlinks you have to make this:
add this to items file
Swich ptz “PTZ Control” {http=">[DOWN:GET:up url] >[UP:GET:down url] >[LEFT:GET:left url]"}
May be have to replace GET with POST

Swich item=ptz mappings=[UP=“UP”, DOWN=“Down”, LEFT=“Left”]

not testet but should work

Well that could be cool, I will look into that to see if the camera interface buttons are URLs.

If they aren’t, is there a way to get openhab to display a hyperlink that simply takes the browser to the fully functional embedded html page of the camera that includes the controls?

everithink is here