Sitemap "Switch item" on iPhone need double tap since 2.5

Hi all,

If use my iPhone to acces the Basic-UI, and after I recently updated to OH 2.5 (and since yesterday 2.5.1-2 release), I now need to double tap my Switch items on my sitemap to take effect. Anyone else has this problem? (iPhone was not updated in the meantime)

On my macbook and via the app all works fine. Trying to avoid the app though since it still clutters the log quit a bit.

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To be clearer, Switches work just fine. However, these Switches
Switch item=tvLamp_man mappings=[0="Auto", 1="Aan", 2="Uit"]
Suddenly need double tap to take effect…

Could you clarify “take effect”? i.e. do you mean that you need to tap twice to trigger rules, external devices etc.? Or to “light up” the mapped button on the UI?

I might be helpful to show your event.log of incoming commands from UI for a “double”.

I need to tap twice for the button take effect and show up in the events.log. So, if I single tap on e.g. “auto” nothing happens. No logs, no rule triggers, nothing. When I tap double, there is a single input in the events.log and the rule that is ‘attached’ to this item is fired just once.

I only have this problem since 2.5 on my iPhone with Safari. macBook with safari works OK just as the openhab app on my iPhone. But the latter still fills the openhab.log with many line of errors. The former (laptop) us just not handy to use all the time.


Did you ever find a solution to this? I have the exact same problem.

No, still waiting. I am not that good of a programmer so some else needs to step in…

Hi, I can confirm this behavior on my instance version 2.5.11 stable. This problem is still present also on openHAB demo instance which is 3.0.0 stable.

Tested on:
iOS 14.4 - Safari & Chrome 87.0.4280.77 both browsers are affected

I don’t mean to bump a dead thread but this is happening for me too! I couldn’t figure out why buttons in basic UI sitemap would only sometimes work for me on iOS. Works great on my macOS desktop but my iPone is giving me fits. Double clicking on the buttons will make them consistently work but that is super annoying. I’m on OH 2.5 still. Sounds like 3.0 still has the problem too… does anybody know if 3.1 is the same story? Would it be helpful for me to open a ticket?

“Feature” also available in OH 3.2.
Maybe some can open an issue for that…

It’s a “feature” :frowning: