Sitemap Validation issues

what is wrong with this sitemap?

Text label="Stream" icon="camera" {
        Video label="vidstream" icon="video" url="http://******/video/mjpg.cgi" encoding="mjpeg"


Validation issues found in configuration model 'default.sitemap', using it anyway:
Linkable widget should contain either only frames or none at all

Try this:

sitemap MySitemap label=“MyOwnSitemap” {
Frame label=“Stream” {
Video label=“vidstream” icon=“video” url=“http://******/video/mjpg.cgi” encoding=“mjpeg”

Since the name of the sitemap has to match the fielname it must be “MySitemap.sitemap”!

its not about the sitemap it is about the item “stream” becuase this is also marked in the visualcode editor

I have the same error.
“Validation issues found in configuration model ‘myHome.sitemap’, using it anyway”
The first line of my sitemap file is
sitemap myHome label=“myHome”
There are no name conflicts and all entries within frames.
It doesn’t really matter as everything is working fine but I’d just like to clean it up if possible.
Any suggestions?

There’s something wrong with it. The rest of the message might tell you more.
If you can’t share the file, you can try commenting chunks out to pin it down.