Sitemap visibility in OpenHAB3?


I have changed my system from OpenHAB2 to OpenHAB 3.1.

In version v2 I have this source code in my sitemap, there I can view the rigth Chart with the visibility patameter

Text label="OG SPZ Aufzeichnung" icon="line" {
  Switch item=Chart_og_sp_aufzeichnung label="" icon="line" mappings=[0="4 Std", 1="Tag", 2="Woche", 3="Monat"]
  Text label="Temperatur" icon="temperature"
  Chart item=g_og_sp_temperatur period=4h refresh=60000  visibility=[Chart_og_sp_aufzeichnung==0] 
  Chart item=g_og_sp_temperatur period=D  refresh=60000  visibility=[Chart_og_sp_aufzeichnung==1,  Chart_og_sp_aufzeichnung=="NULL"]
  Chart item=g_og_sp_temperatur period=W  refresh=60000  visibility=[Chart_og_sp_aufzeichnung==2] 
  Chart item=g_og_sp_temperatur period=M  refresh=60000  visibility=[Chart_og_sp_aufzeichnung==3] 					

In the UI OpenHAB3 there is no field for “visibility” only for “service”.
And if I add the visibility in the code and i change back to the Design-Mode, the visibility is lost.

How can I now do the functionality from OpenHAB2 visibility?

Thank you!

The UI built sitemaps do not support visibility yet. You’ll have to stick to .sitemap files for now.

when will OpenHAB3 be able to visibility from the UI?

When someone implements it. openHAB is a 100% volunteer effort.

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