Sitemaps empty in iOS app

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i am aware that this topic was briefly mentioned in some posts before, but i just want to highlight this in a separate post. With openhab3 the sitemaps in the iOS app are tending to get empty. I don´t have seen a patern yet, sometimes sitemaps work in the beginning and then stop working. Charts seem to play a role as well as frame in frame, but these are just best guesses so far. I also created a sitemap in the 3.0 UI and the sitemap code was proven to look valid, but was shown empty as well. I also created a simple one and also this one got empty. I am running out of ideas what the root cause is or a proper workaround ( other then to use the browser ).

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Just to add another data point to this. I added a non-admin user and tried to get the iOS app on that user’s phone to connect and got the openHab returned empty site list error. Interestingly enough - at the same time the admin account Android app also started returning the same error - though HabPanel is still functioning on the Android.

I did try saving the panel into a new panel configuration and ‘starring’ that new one as that was the magic sauce to getting it working on Android previously. No luck on either one.

The documentation does mention the sitemap list - but this seems to be non-accessible when the system is configured in the 3.0 UI.

OpenHab 3.0.0 Release Build, iOS app 2.4.20, Android Device Identifier is set. Only “interesting” thing I see in the Android log is
“Setting a summary with a String formatting marker is no longer supported”

Edit: Both phones can see the HabPanel via a web browser and the controls do work.

I have the same problem here. OpenHab 3.0.2 and app 2.4.20

Effectively, the API call to sitemaps returns an empty list, so the app is correctly reporting the list is empty. Why this is empty, is unknown.