Sitemaps empty in iOS app

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i am aware that this topic was briefly mentioned in some posts before, but i just want to highlight this in a separate post. With openhab3 the sitemaps in the iOS app are tending to get empty. I don´t have seen a patern yet, sometimes sitemaps work in the beginning and then stop working. Charts seem to play a role as well as frame in frame, but these are just best guesses so far. I also created a sitemap in the 3.0 UI and the sitemap code was proven to look valid, but was shown empty as well. I also created a simple one and also this one got empty. I am running out of ideas what the root cause is or a proper workaround ( other then to use the browser ).

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Just to add another data point to this. I added a non-admin user and tried to get the iOS app on that user’s phone to connect and got the openHab returned empty site list error. Interestingly enough - at the same time the admin account Android app also started returning the same error - though HabPanel is still functioning on the Android.

I did try saving the panel into a new panel configuration and ‘starring’ that new one as that was the magic sauce to getting it working on Android previously. No luck on either one.

The documentation does mention the sitemap list - but this seems to be non-accessible when the system is configured in the 3.0 UI.

OpenHab 3.0.0 Release Build, iOS app 2.4.20, Android Device Identifier is set. Only “interesting” thing I see in the Android log is
“Setting a summary with a String formatting marker is no longer supported”

Edit: Both phones can see the HabPanel via a web browser and the controls do work.

I have the same problem here. OpenHab 3.0.2 and app 2.4.20

Effectively, the API call to sitemaps returns an empty list, so the app is correctly reporting the list is empty. Why this is empty, is unknown.

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Updated the app today - HUUUUGE Mistake
I also have the empty sitemap error. Tried all versions in testflight but also not working. App version on my wife’s cellphone is 2.4.36 and it’s working there (not available on testflight)
Tried changing the log debug mode - nothing

Updated yesterday to V2.4.39 on Ios 14.8.1. Same issue, app returns error “Sitemaps list empty”. Openhab in Version 2.

Same issue here: iOS app is version V2.4.39.Since the update yestarday, I cannot connect to Openhab v2 with error message “Sitemaps list empty”.

Is there any actual fix or workaround here ?
We use the iOS app for everything home wise … how annoying … you don’t realise how dependant on the app you are till it’s rendered useless

i am not entirely sure what the root-cause was 2 years ago but there were some issues with the textual sitemap. ( that were still created under 2.0 ) I have solved it by starting with an empty sitemap and then copy / paste more and more code to the sitemap and looked where it did brake, then fixed it. Some dirty code is depreciated with 3.0. The code I am using since that time is still working, also with the latest IOS update.

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Same error here - update to the openhab app happens automatically - now all phones stay blank, no sitemaps are loaded and the red error ribbon shows in the bottom of the app.

I’m still running on OH 2.4.0 - at least a brief warning in the release notes of the app would have been most favourable.

The fix from 2 years ago, renaming the sitemap, did not help.

Don‘t know what your issue is, but sitemaps are still working with latest Testflight version

Same error here. I’m running OH 2.4.0.

My iphone has the last version from app store. 2.4.39 and shows the message - Openhab returned empty sitemap list -
In my ipad is installed previous version 2.4.36 and works fine.

Same error here as well with OH 2.4.0, the app was working just before the latest updates, once I updated it, the app stop working immediately.

Anyone can help please ?

Same issue on all of my ios devices with latest openhab app client. „OpenHab liefert eine leere Sitemap-Liste“. Does anyone found a solution so far ?

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I havent changed a thing in months for openhab.
Everything works perfectly - webpage locally and remoe / my.openhab also works fine too
… As soon as the IOS app updated to 2.4.39 issue happened on 4 different iphones in our house…

Its clear the APP has issues… Does the App developer even see these posts or respond !!!

Time to move to home assistant i think .

guys, I solved the problem this way and I don’t have any issues with the update to the latest IOS Version. Please try different ways to solve or supporting the root cause and not just blame the App developer.

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I just checked latest develop (assuming that was used to build latest available TF version 2.4.39) with (since I don’t use BasicUI anymore myself)

and seems to render perfectly fine

So if you are using BasicUI’s sitemaps (accessible via http://<youropenhab>/basicui/app) you should not get the empty sitemaps error.

But if you are using the OH3 Main UI (accessible via http://<youropenhab>) then please note the latest TF build does not contain support for it (anymore), more info avail in PR and will most probably get available again in a new TF build …

EDIT: tried with OH 3.2 and OH 2.5.12 and both seem to render sitemaps just fine … sounds like an OH 2.4 issue since all reports are for that version …

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The general trend of the comment is not “blaming the developer” but praising his app and expressing desolation when it’s no more functional.
I tested your method without success, only one dummy sitemap with only one item is bringing back the error.
And I tested sitemap, it works. Bug seems to be related to 2.x versions.

iOS app 2.4.39 and OH 2.3.0 the same issue. It seems to be related to all 2.x versions.

I installed OH 2.5.12, added a simple BasicUI sitemap and seems to work fine … unfortunately can’t install any previous version so cannot reproduce :frowning: If someone is willing to give access to their OH instance or capture&share all the traffic between app and OH instance (clean start of the app until error is displayed) with some network tool, i.e. Charles would be really helpful …

I’m migrating to openhab in docker. I’ve been testing with OH 2.5.12 and work’s fine, the problem is in the 2.4.0 version. Tomorrow morning I will make a capture with tcpdump of a failing request between my iphone with app 2.4.39 and my OH 2.4.0 to share it.