Sitemaps, habpanel and future openhab 3

Hi everyone, today I just want to ask about 2 things, the first about the uses of sitemap and habpanel. What do you use each one for? I using sitemaps, for now, but seems to simple, on the other hand habpanel is more comple, but is outside the default openhab configuration, or i feel it taht way
Second will be both available for openhab 3?

I endeavor to have a home automation that does not require any GUI at all. So I use sitemaps more as an administration status panel where I can see the state of stuff and, if needed, delve into details for analysis and the like.

I’ve played around with HABPanel but don’t actively use it as sitemaps work just fine for me and building an equivalent HABPanel would be more work than I’m willing to spend right now.

HABPanel is very much a part of openHAB’s configuration. It just doesn’t easily support creation of a panel through editing text files. Instead you have to build it up in the browser.

I believe so. BasicUI, ClassicUI, and PaperUI are being replaced with a new UI which supports sitemaps, both those edited by hand and now also offing the ability to create and edit them through the browser.
I don’t know if there are any changes to HABPanel but from what I’ve gathered from following the github threads it is not going away.


No Basic UI is still there in OH3, in part because while the new “main” UI can edit sitemaps (if they’re JSON DB-based), it cannot display them - yet, it might in the future. But in any case you’ll still be able to use it, or the mobile apps, for lightweight alternatives to display your sitemaps.
HABPanel will need a new (remote) storage backend because since the current one is restricted by the new OAuth2 authorization layer, it doesn’t work at the moment, so you can only save locally.

To sum up: the UIs that are gone in the OH3 distribution are Classic UI (deprecated), Paper UI, HABmin, and the REST docs (functionality integrated in the new main UI); those which are staying are Basic UI, CometVisu, HABPanel and HABot.


I migrate now to OH3 stable. Here I go the way export and import, but its allways local. From my Echo Shows I’m not able to access the habpanel side anymore.