Slack Integration for OpenHAB 2.4

I have looked everywhere and cannot find information about a viable, well documented slack connector for OpenHAB. With things like HABot in existence I’d think surely that there would be a connector to slack, right? If there is one please help me find it - if there isn’t one can someone point me to why?

Search is your friend :wink: I used Google to find the link.

Thanks @Bruce_Osborne, however I’m not talking “post to slack” that’s not an integration, that’s one way data push. I have searched and found various hacks and “well it works if you tilt your head to the side and don’t ask too much from it” :confused:

I guess what I’m really asking about getting the functionality of HABot exposed to a slack channel via a full two-way integration - and if there is any prior art on that or stated direction in that path?

I do not know of any but Slack and OH both have APIs. All development here is from passionate volunteers. You could try & develop something.

Roger that @Bruce_Osborne - that’s what I was digging for… :+1: I’ll look to see what I can start hacking on to get something going.

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Sometimes the problem with searching is knowing exactly what to search for.

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Try this…