Slide switch in android app but not in PaperUI control


I just added a couple of things in my brand new 2.4 Openhab2 running on a RaspPi3 with a Aeotec GEN5 USB as controller.

I’m only working in PaperUI!

Everything is working great.
I have two floodsensors and one smokesensor added. The flood-alarms and smoke-alarm are linked so that the items can be use. They work perfectly.

In the control-panel in PaperUI there is no slide which next to these alarms.
In the ANdroid-app however there is a slight-swith that shows the on/off-state of the alarm

What should I do in order to have the slight switch in the control?


The PaperUI is not designed for normal operations. Use the BasicUI. with a sitemap.

Ok, I was already thinking that I should go into sitemaps but hoped for another “less-effort” way.