Slider doesn't always works, how to improve, please

Hello everyone! Could somebody help me, please.

I have three downlights (Xiaomi Philips ZhiRui) whose brightness is controlled by a slider in HABpanel.

The problem is that sometimes brightness isn’t change although slider was moved. Only helps shifting slider a little, like send similar value once again.

In logs I see that command was sent, devices predict to become new value, but not changed finally.

Log of successful action:

Item 'phil_1_3_brigtness' received command 57
phil_1_3_brigtness changed from 100 to 57
Item 'phil1_brightness' received command 57
Item 'phil2_brightness' received command 57
Item 'phil3_brightness' received command 57
phil1_brightness predicted to become 57
phil2_brightness predicted to become 57
phil3_brightness predicted to become 57
phil1_brightness changed from 74 to 57
phil2_brightness changed from 74 to 57
phil3_brightness changed from 74 to 57

Log of unsuccessful action:

Item 'phil_1_3_brigtness' received command 32
phil_1_3_brigtness changed from 12 to 32
Item 'phil1_brightness' received command 32
Item 'phil2_brightness' received command 32
Item 'phil3_brightness' received command 32
phil1_brightness predicted to become 32
phil2_brightness predicted to become 32
phil3_brightness predicted to become 32

Items part:

Number phil1_brightness "Brightness" (G_light) {channel="miio:generic:057F51E5:brightness"}
Number phil2_brightness "Brightness" (G_light) {channel="miio:generic:0578B9D8:brightness"}
Number phil3_brightness "Brightness" (G_light) {channel="miio:generic:057F3CCD:brightness"}

Number phil_1_3_brigtness

Slider changes “phil_1_3_brigtness” item.

Rules part:

rule "brigtness Phil_1_3"


  Item phil_1_3_brigtness received command

             var Number p1_3_b = phil_1_3_brigtness.state as Number

Please advise where I made a mistake?

Thanks a lot in advance!

What happens if you add Number phil_1_3_brigtness to the (G_light) group?

Probably just sending out multiple commands too quickly for miio

Have added, but no changes

It isn’t depends from speed of sending commands. It could be in state for 40 minutes, after I shift the slider for the new position - no response, immediately shift a little and get the result.

Seems I found the decision, at least it works for few last shiftings. Let see how it behaviors for a couple day.

Have changed rule as below:

rule "brigtness Phil_1_3"


         Item phil_1_3_brigtness received command


i had similar problems since updated to oh2.5: i found out for rules that trigger a item with “received command” i have to use “recievedCommand” in the “then”-section. if i use “itemxx.state” it often does not work correct - semms the “state” takes a little longer to be updated and because of that the value is not set when the rule triggers. so i checked that all my rules with “recieved command” in “when”-section i now use “recievedCommand” in “then”-section. (rules with “changed” in the “when”-seciton work ok with “.state” in “then”-section.

This is indeed a timing issue as @bastler said.
Other way to accomplish this is to use
“ Item phil_1_3_brigtness changed” instead of “receive command”
This will trigger the rule after the item has processed the command

That is working exactly as designed.
It has not changed since OH1 - though timings on your particular system may have done.

Thank you all

Actually yes, changing to the receivedCommand instead state improved the situation.

Just for reference, found this issue in this topic - (SOLVED) Touching a button twice to send the actual command that is configured to that button