Slider for rollershutter doesn´t work after 2.2 update

since update to 2.2 my HabPanel Sliders (and sliders in other ui´s) for rollershutter doesn´t work anymore.

If i set them with basic UI switches (arrows up/down), i can see the new percentage, but if i move the slider in habpanel from 100 (closed) to 0 (open), nothing happens.

Jalousie (raffstore) are working, both, up/down and angle of lamella. Only my rollershutters don´t work anymore.

Was there any change in the code?

Hi, is there any news about this problem?

My rollershutters don´t work with slider anymore. Jalousie/Lamellas are working, only rollershutters are not working with slider. It worked in older openhab until 2.1. But since 2.2 not working anymore. I only can use the rollershutter switch with arrows up/stop/down.

It is not working in habpanel and not working in any other ui anymore.

I have knx actuators for my rollershutters/blinds/jalousie. I didn´t change anything there.

Here is an example of my items:

Rollershutter Rollo_KG_Buero    "KG Büro [%d %%]"    (Rollos)     { knx="3/2/1, 3/1/1, 3/6/1+<3/3/1" }

Is this the item, do you use for switch and slider in the sitemap?
Please post the item and sitemap-definition for one rollershutter as switch and as slider.
Are there any entries in the log?


this works:
Switch item=Rollo_KG_Buero

this works not:
Slider item=Rollo_KG_Buero

I set the slider to fully closed position:

2018-02-27 09:33:04.549 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item 'Rollo_KG_Buero' received command 100

But nothing happened.

Is the adrress for the percent command type correct?

It worked in Openhab until 2.1.

So there must be a change in openhab 2.2 and above…

If the knx definition were faulty, then the switch in the sitemap wouldn´t work too? But i can move the rollershutter and i get the % showed in the sitemap. So i think, this is correct.