Slider in Floorplan of HABPanel

Dear HABPanel experts,
I would like to use sliders in a floorplan inside HABPanel to show the state and to change the values of dimmers and rollershutters. My floorplan is working with switchable lights but I have not found an (easy) way how to add sliders at the position where the rollershutters or the dimmable lights are.

Unfortunately I am not very familiar with css, js and html.
Could someone give me a hint how to do that?

Thank you.

I don’t fall in the HABPanel Experts bucket, but I will chime in.

I assume you did an SVG floor plan for HABPanel. If so, this is how I did my dimmers. It provides six preset levels, which gives enough granularity for me.

The code sets up a modal pop-up. You pass the item name to the modal and can control the values.

Caveat: I have not revisited that in quite a while. There might be newer/better solutions.

Dear smak01,
thank you for your reply. Yes, I am using an SVG floorplan. Your solution looks like a very nice one and I will give it a try.
My original idea was to have a slider directly in the floorplan to set and display the value but it seems that this is not so easy.