Slider in sitemap: switchEnabled does not seem to have any effect


I’m using the OH3 editor to create my sitemap which is working just fine for me.
I have chosen to use Sliders for my roller shutters as they accept a direct position.
I have seen the “Switch enabled” slider and because it was not obvious what it would be doing, I went to look at the documentation:

switchEnabled is not described but switchSupport is which seems equivalent and is described like this:

  • Classic UI: If specified, a short press on the “up” or “down” button switches the item “on” or “off” (0 or 100) respectively.
  • Android app: If specified, a short press on the item row (except the slider itself) switches the item “on” or “off”.

However, setting switchEnabled to true does not seem to have any effect in the Basic UI or in the Android App.
I mean, in the Android app I tried taping on the item row but it did not seem to have any effect.
And in BasicUI, there is not even an up or down button.

What have I missed?

It looks to me like a possible unimplemented feature in Basic UI.

Note that sending ON/OFF commands to Rollershutter types isn’t going to do anything anyway.

That, I can totally understand, but the documentation says this:

button switches the item “on” or “off” (0 or 100) respectively

So it lead me to believe it would actually send position 0 and 100 instead of ON or OFF commands.

Anyway, I’ll report an issue so that the documentation gets updated to match the latest content and hopefully clarified as well.

For the record, even if its a bit late:

I am only aware of an Android implementation for now and classic ui is not equal to basic ui.
Also classic ui is no longer a part of openHAB since version 3.0.
We will remove the classic ui reference therefore.

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