Slider not working on 1.8.3

I have just upgraded from 1.8.1 to 1.8.3 and the slider issue seems to have come back, where in a Safari browser, the slider only shows as up and down buttons. I seem to recall some small tweak that solved it before, but can’t find any solution.

For the record, there is only one slider on this particular page. Any ideas, or should I submit a bug report?

Yes, that is correct. There was an Issue with the Sliders, therefor the pull request was reverted. There is no plan to get the Sliders back :frowning: but openHAB 2 does support sliders, at least with basic UI.

EDIT: typo… completed missing version number :slight_smile:

Thanks. I assume you mean OpenHAB 2? So should I upgrade to 2? Is the time right?

In short: Yes.

Longer answer: Yes but you should first check if there is a discussion about a problem with one of the bindings you are currently using. That’s rarely the case.

@Udo_Hartmann @rlkoshak @Kai after answering this question for the 10th time, do you agree it would be wise to create a sticky in the OH2 category?

Thanks guys. I’ll start the process. I tried OH2 before but didn’t know that the same sitemaps work. That’ll make the transition easier.

I agree, though that opens a bit of a can of worms. If we sticky this issue, should we create a sticky thread listing all of the major issues? How do we do that without reproducing the issues list in github?

But some similar issues that I do think could benefit from a sticky thread like this would include:

  • now / joda Datetime no longer being recognized by Designer
  • Upgrade to Oracle Java 1.8.0_101 or later for my.openhab
  • Is the weather binding still causing people problems with Yahoo? I’ve been using HTTP/XSLT for awhile now so haven’t noticed.
  • The lack of refresh of icons/state on the sitemap (OH 1), particularly in the phone apps.

I’m sure there are more but these are the ones I’ve most recently helped multiple people with.

Perhaps a sticky with a list of known-to-work add ons would be a start, and perhaps a list of add ons that are known to not work. This is starting to sound like a typical green, orange, red scenario. I’m using about 8 add-ons, so I can add my experience.

I would say that’s beyond the needed scope of the sticky. But yes we could reference threads where the most notable issues are discussed, including the issue tracker on github.

Let us quickly collect what needs to be said. I would mention most of the things said here:

Anything you wanna add?

You should be able to find this information here and here in the official documentation. Do you know these lists? I feel like the docs page is getting not enough love by the users :slight_smile:

Aah, that will work. I was just searching and found it a little hard to find, even using Google, so perhaps the sticky should just be links to the appropriate docs. I’m all for giving documentation some more love. :wink:

Theoretically all OH 2 bindings work with OH 2 and all OH 1 bindings work with OH 2 through the 1.x compatibility layer. Admittedly not all have been tested but I think enough have been tested to have a strong degree of confidence in the statement that all OH 1 bindings will work in OH 2.

Do we know of any that are known not to work?

That looks like a good list to start with. I suspect this will be a constantly updated sticky as the OH 2 docs mature and some of this stuff gets into the docs.

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I haven’t looked yet…
but if deciding to go OH2:
a) can it be easily copied in; overwrite OH1 with OH2
b) should the old 1.8.3 deleted first, (what to keep) and/or
c) OH should be installed on a clean machine?

a) I don’t think it can easily just overwrite OH 1 in place. You will need to do a new install. You probably would want to anyway just to make sure there isn’t cruft left over from OH 1.8. However, with the OH 1.x compatibility layer installed in OH 2 through PaperUI you should be able to move your OH 1.8 jar files, items, persistence, rules, sitemap, scripts, and transforms over as is and it should work. The only major difference is instead of there being one giant openhab.cfg, each binding has its own cfg file. Name the file the same as the first part of its config parameters in openhab.cfg (e.g. the mail action config parameters start with “mail:” so those parameters would go in mail.cfg). Copy over the configs and remove the first part (for example, will become in the new mail.cfg file).

b) I wouldn’t delete the old 1.8 until you have OH 2 up and running . Just make sure to not run them both at the same time. Once you transition everything over to OH 2 you can then remove OH 1.8.

You will want to keep pretty much everything in your configurations folder. You will also want to keep anything you may have done in the webapps folder (icons, webviews, etc). That stuff works differently in OH 2 so you will need to redo a lot of it. Search the forum for details.

c) That would certainly be full proof but I see no reason why that would be required. As long as you are careful to not run the two at the same time and careful not to override OH 1.8 stuff while setting up OH 2 you should be fine.

Of course, I’m just about to do this whole thing myself so I’m strictly speaking from theory, not experience.

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Thank you for your reply!
In essence: Are the OH2 directories named differently compared to the OH1 directories?
If so, OH2 can be installed on the same machine;
shut-down OH1;
launch OH2;
Copy/modify config and all should be good?

I’m in the process.

  1. Install a fresh OH2, and turn on all the bindings and services you may need.
  2. Check the OH/conf/services folder for the config files for all the bindings. You’ll need to edit these manually to suit your local setup. The settings should be the same as OH1 openhab.cfg file with slight adjustment to exclude the name of the binding. i.e. ‘weather:apikey.Wunderground=xxxx’ becomes ‘apikey.Wunderground=xxxx’ in the weather.cfg file.
  3. Copy your sitemaps, items and rules from OH1 to OH2, putting them in the right folders.
  4. OH2 defaults to a sitemap called _default, you’ll need to change the default sitemap to your one.

That’s as far as I have got, and I have a working OH2. Still some issues to sort, but so far so good.

I am setting up OH2 on a separate machine and it is running parallel to OH1.

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It depends on the answer :wink:
For the moment, I would still stick to the statement that people should use openHAB 1. This is the version that is listed on and for which there is documentation and support.

But I agree that we should start the discussion about what is still missing before we recommend openHAB 2 as the “main” distribution (and thus archiving the 1.x runtime, i.e. removing it from the homepage, making it a sub-category here in the forum (currently openHAB2 is the sub-category, etc.).

@rlkoshak Instead of describing in detail on how openHAB1 users can migrate to openHAB2 on the topic “Slider not working on 1.8.3”, this should really end up in the migration tutorial - this is for me a prerequisite, before we can declare 2.0 GA.

Wrt technical issues/features that are missing and that MUST be there for 2.0, I would suggest to track this on Github, probably best as a GA milestone on the distro, what do you think?

Btw, with what I wrote in here, I think that the overall stability and usability is pretty good now. There shouldn’t be much missing for replacing a 1.8.3 runtime by a 2.0 runtime now.

Indeed, that is where I plan on putting it. Right now that tutorial explains a lot of the concepts that are new to OH 2 with little actual step by step explanation of how to do the migration. I intend to fix that as I make the transition to OH 2. Right now, and even in the above I’m doing a lot of hand waving. I want to be able to say exactly how it works, not talk about how I think it works.


I’m not surprised. I still think there should be a Sticky in the openHAB2 category. Even only to clarify things for new visitors. This sticky could just as well lead with “openHAB 1.x is the recommended stable relase [link]. About openHAB2: Have fun… and so on” Are you willing to create it under your name?

Additionally we should discuss about how to promote openHAB2. Besides missing details, I feel like there are a few misleading factors like the still limited PaperUI, the discrepancy between config files and the database and the compatibility of OH1 add-ons…

Agreed, there should be a less technical thread here too. Just as with the sticky mentioned above, I want to stress the need to communicate more open to/with the broad community.

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll need to evaluate the PaperUIs new cpabilities :slight_smile:

On PC the slider somehow worked, but when we connect to the Openhab demo page from the smartphone (via chrome), the slider doesn’t work, beside it keep generating the pushed button again and again.

By the way i tricked the slider with switchSupport solution that switches from 0 to 100.
Wrote some rule that triggers everytime increase & decrease buttons pushed and manually increases and decreases the value of the Slider :)))))))
May be little bit stupid solution, but so far it works :slight_smile: